Len Puckerin: Building Our Own Nightclub Atmosphere

Len Puckerin, born in Trinidad And Tobago, is one of the first Dj’s in the National Capital Region. He migrated to Ottawa in 1977 and entered the music scene of the city two years later. To fight discrimination against Afrocentric music in the nightclub industry, Len Puckerin decided to create our own clubbing atmosphere. Over the years, he encouraged the youth to come together and give back to the community by hosting highly anticipated dance reunion parties. Len Puckerin is a CKCU FM alumnae with a show that he co-hosted called the GROOVE. He is also the owner of Club 747 disco which has been active for 36 years. This exhibition showcases some flyers of events organized by or in collaboration with Club 747 from 2001 to 2018.